The Best Tea For Each Season

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Loose leaf tea is a drink that is enjoyed by millions around the world all year round. When the seasons change, it doesn’t necessarily mean people’s tea choice changes.

After all, thanks to global trading, tea is available all year round in a variety of flavours and types. 

But is there a better tea to drink, depending on the season? We’ll tell you which tea is a good choice for each season.

Let’s dive into this seasonal guide for all the tea drinkers across the globe.

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What is the Best Season to Drink Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose leaf tea can be enjoyed anytime of the year. It doesn’t matter which season it may be, you can enjoy a nice cup of iced loose leaf tea or a steamy hot one in winter. 


Loose Leaf Tea Ideas for Each Season

As you enter each new season, you may prefer a particular type of loose leaf tea over another.

Here are our picks which you could try for each season.



The cold dark nights are starting to disappear and spring is in the air. This signifies the beginning of new life, injecting some much needed feel good energy into our systems.

We start to feel the days getting warmer, but with the odd frosty day still looming, we can still appreciate that hearty warm cup of tea.

For those warmer days we might even get adventurous and try our hand at some ice tea recipes. Nothing quite quenches your thirst like an ice cold batch of your favourite flavoured tea.

A spring selection of teas looks something like:



Those cold dark mornings are now firmly in the rear view mirror.

The days are very long and extra bright, everything just seems so much more full of life. Those hot days require a cool drink such as an iced loose leaf tea.

But as well as a cool drink, there is still room for those hot brew teas. The UK isn’t a hot mess all summer long.

We still like to enjoy a hot drink during the summer.

Summer classic tea includes:



When the leaves are on the ground and are a nice shade of orange and brown, you know it’s coming into autumn.

There is a chill in the air, but it’s not frosty. You’ll be starting to layer up your clothes, getting ready for the winter ahead.

Autumn will require tea that soothes the senses and can be enjoyed whilst sitting in a warm environment.

Autumn classics to enjoy include:



As autumn finishes, the temperature really starts to drop as winter comes to the fold. This is when going out becomes more and more of an irregular occurrence.

Which means that more people spend their time inside drinking copious amounts of heart warming tea.

A warm beverage is synonymous with winter time, and nothing beats a freshly brewed loose leaf tea on a cold evening.

Try some of these winter brews:

Tea for all Seasons at Leaf Tea

No matter the season, we have the perfect tea for your taste buds.

Our extensive range of loose leaf tea is available in a variety of styles and flavours.

Get in touch today and see which flavour you would like to try.