10 Loose Leaf Iced Tea Recipes for Summer


With summer finally approaching it’s time to start getting ready for those bright nights and garden parties. What better way to host a summer shindig than to provide delicious tasting drinks that keep people cool and their thirst quenched.

We’re talking about mixing up a batch of loose leaf iced tea of course. Serving up a glass of this at any party is sure to keep guests refreshed and rehydrated all day long.

The great thing about loose leaf tea is that there are many different options to choose from. We’ll discuss the best loose leaf iced tea recipes to serve up this summer so that you can experiment and find the best for you.


Why Loose Leaf Iced Tea?

Loose leaf iced tea is going to be of a higher quality when compared with using tea bags to make iced tea. The main reason for this is because tea bags can contain leftover tea leaves which aren’t as rich in flavour compared with the full tea leaves you get in loose leaf tea.

Loose leaf tea can also offer you a lot more variety when it comes to flavours. Our huge selection of loose leaf teas is a testament to that. We have a flavour for everyone as our range is so extensive.


How to Make Loose Leaf Iced Tea

If you have ever made iced tea before using tea bags then loose leaf iced tea will be a very similar process. You just need to ensure you have the appropriate utensils for loose leaf tea.

Firstly, have an idea of how much iced tea you want to make. If it’s a small batch for yourself then a leaf tea pot would suffice.

If it is a much larger batch then ensure you have some sort of infuser for the tea leaves, such as our tea ball infuser. You’ll need around 7-10 teaspoons of loose leaf tea for a 1.5 litre pitcher.

Use ⅓ hot water and ⅔ cold water no matter the batch size and place it in the fridge for 2-6 hours. Once chilled, add some ice and your loose leaf iced tea is ready to enjoy.

Add sweeteners such as syrups and sugars if required and also add berries and lemon slices for extra flavour.


The Best Loose Leaf Iced Tea Recipes for Summer

Here is a selection of the best iced tea recipes with loose leaf tea that you can enjoy this summer:


Iced Black Tea Recipe

This absolute classic iced tea recipe is sure to get you in the mood for those warm summer evenings. Black tea gives a unique taste when brewed cold. Some folks like to stir in a little bit of sweetness or even add a few slices of lemon, just to bring out the freshness.



Passion Fruit Iced Tea

Passionfruit is a bright and vibrant looking tea that not only tastes of summertime but feels like it also! Add a little honey to give it that extra bit of sweetness.



Chamomile Iced Tea Recipe

Chamomile gives a relaxing vibe with its floral infusion and soothing nature. A drink built for enjoying alone or with friends and family. It is a caffeine free iced tea recipe and hosts a bundle of health benefits which aid digestion and promote a healthy gut.



Cherry Iced Tea Recipe

Nothing speaks summertime more than the taste of cherry. It’s a very sweet tasting tea so usually you wouldn’t need to add any sugar or sweeteners. It also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.



Ginger Iced Tea Recipe

Add some lemon to your ginger iced tea to give it that refreshing taste. You could also garnish it with some mint leaves if you want to really impress your friends at the summer garden party. Ginger has a host of health benefits also, making it the ultimate summer refreshment.



Peppermint Iced Tea Recipe

It doesn’t get much fresher than peppermint iced tea! When the heat turns up this summer, cool yourself down properly with a glass of freshness. Its refreshing taste will make it an iced tea which should be featured at every summertime gathering.



Mango Iced Tea Recipe

A truly fruity tasting tea! With mango iced tea you’re not going to need any added sweeteners. With such a sweet and refreshing taste on its own, you’ll be sorted for when it gets scorching.



Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

Lemons are synonymous with warm weather. The very nature of lemons are associated with refreshment and they host a sweet citrus taste that screams freshness. It’s easy to see why this recipe has made the list.



Orange Iced Tea Recipe

Another summertime classic. Orange mixed with some mint could very well be the ultimate summertime refreshment. When it’s ice cold there really isn’t much better tasting iced tea.



Apple Iced Tea Recipe

Quench your summer thirst with apple iced tea. Sweet tasting apples alongside some lemon slices and a mint garnish make the perfect combination for a drink best enjoyed in the summertime.



Iced Tea Using Our Popular LEAF Loose Leaf Tea Blends

And there you have it, our top picks of the best iced tea recipes made with loose leaves that can be enjoyed in the summertime. We have a wide selection of loose leaf teas that can be enjoyed iced or hot, so take a look and see what flavours excite you the most!

Contact us and we can suggest other loose leaf teas which you can enjoy no matter the occasion.