LEAF Tea Shop Christmas Gift Guide 2022


The clocks have gone back and you know what that means. No, not an extra hour in bed… It means the countdown to Christmas is on!

If you’re the type of person who is itching to get the Christmas tree up and decorated already then chances are you also want to get the jump on Christmas shopping too – if you haven’t already!

Here at LEAF Tea Shop, we have plenty of gift ideas that will be perfect for any loose leaf tea lover in your life whether it be a family member, a partner, or even a workplace secret Santa.

Take a look at some of our most popular gift products and place your order! Then sit back and enjoy the build-up to Christmas in front of the fire with a cup of your favourite festive tea while everybody else panics and leaves their shopping to the last minute.

Check out our up-to-date Christmas gift guide here.


Taster box

One of our personal favourite recommendations to give to our customers looking for gift ideas is a tea taster box.

These boxes are available in six different tea types:

  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Herbal
  • Fruit
  • Rooibos

Each box comes with five bags of two-cup taster packets of some of our most popular tea blends for that type. This is perfect for someone who you know likes tea but you are unsure what their favourite flavours are, or for someone who hasn’t tried loose leaf tea yet.

What’s more, our taster boxes are flat and rectangular and very easy to wrap! It’s the little things like this that will make you the most impressive gift-giver come Christmas time.


Our award-winning tea

If you’d rather get one of our iconic tea tins (also an easily-wrappable shape!) but don’t know what one to go for, then take the word of the experts behind the Great Taste Awards and choose one of our award-winning teas!

We have a number of teas that have won the Great Taste Award over the years so we’re sure that you will find one that your recipient will love.

Do they like black tea? Our spicy Autumn Fire is the one to go for. Do they prefer something a bit more fruity? Look no further than our Mango My Days rooibos tea instead. How about something caffeine free? Our Pure Life Wellness tea is a caffeine-free, rejuvenating herbal tea that will warm their bones and lift their spirits.

“But there are too many good teas to choose from!”. We agree, so we’ve also created a bundle of some of our most popular Great Taste Award winning teas so you don’t have to choose. It even comes with a LEAF tea pot, too! But remember, a teapot is for life – not just for Christmas!


Tea bundles

If you know that your recipient loves loose-leaf tea and has a couple of favourite flavours then you can skip the guessing and give them exactly what they want: more of their favourite tea!

Our tea bundles are designed to help you do just that. Pick a custom bundle from any of our major tea types (black, fruit, green, herbal, rooibos, or white) and get three tea tins of your choice.

Or, pick a pre-made bundle where we have made the selection for you with flavours that pair well together such as with our caffeine-free fruity bundle, our luxury bundle, or even our nutty bundle.

Every bundle comes with a LEAF teapot so your recipient has everything that they need to get started drinking our loose leaf tea.


Three graces candle

Okay, so what do you get someone who loves tea, that isn’t tea? Maybe you want to be a little outside the box. Maybe you want to surprise them with something new. The answer is: a scented candle!

And the best thing about our Three Graces Soy candle is that everybody will appreciate it – not just tea fans.

This candle is vegan-friendly as it is made of soy and essential oils and it just smells divine. Anyone familiar with our Three Graces tea will be able to pick out familiar scents of rose, chamomile, and lavender as it warms their home.

What’s more, it comes in a very classy (and stylish, too) design with a white holder and colourful LEAF branding.


Tote bag

What says trendy and chic better than a tote bag? A LEAF branded tote bag!

This isn’t just your average tote bag, no sir. This tote bag is made of denim and has that unmistakable denim blue colouring, with cream cotton straps.

The bag quotes one of our favourite mantras here at LEAF: ‘where there’s tea there’s hope’. Definitely something to live by!

It also features cute designs of all things LEAF that will be recognisable if you have ever stepped foot into our physical store such as our teapot, a mug of tea, and even our signature L light logo.



The perfect gift for last-minute shoppers or for people with fussy tastes!

A voucher for our online store is a great choice for anybody in your life who drinks tea. Either they are familiar with our products and can stock up on their tea of choice, or you can introduce them to their new-to-be favourites if they have never tried our tea before.

A voucher for LEAF is active for 12 months after purchase so there’s no rush for them to make their decision!


Christmas gifts at LEAF Tea Shop

And there you have it! Some quality gift ideas for your Christmas shopping hauls this year.

Our gifts are also appropriate for occasions all year round and we even have a selection of gift cards too that can be paired with a two cup taster sachet for the best way to celebrate a birthday or any other event!