Father’s Day Tea Gift Ideas


Struggling for gift ideas this Father’s Day? Your worries can end now.

Here at Leaf, we have got something for everyone, so read on to learn more about the tea gift ideas we’ve got in store.


Leaf Tea Bundles

The first of our tea gift ideas are Leaf’s Tea Bundles.

Consisting of a wide variety of flavours and fusions, these could be perfect for Dad, especially if he’s yet to venture into the world of loose leaf tea.

The Starter Bundle or Luxury Bundle, both new to Leaf this month, could be the ideal start.

With a choice of Silver Needle, Jasmine Pearls and Super Matcha in our Luxury Bundle, or Butter Truffle, Gunpowder Supreme, and many others in our Starter, there’s plenty of options when it comes to taste in both of these packs.

For more information on these bundles, as well as many others, be sure to contact our store.

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Something to Last?

If tea is already Dad’s thing, why not check out a Tea Subscription?

With a choice of three, six and twelve month packages, you can give Dad the option of trying a quarter, half or even the full range of teas Leaf has on offer.

Each subscription offers five two-cup tasters each month, along with information cards for each of the teas you try.

If you’re struggling to choose from such a wide selection of teas, a subscription could do the hard work for you.

Why not check them out here?

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Time for something stronger?

Finally, there’s Beer.

Even if you choose one of our tea gift ideas, you can always tag something a little stronger on to a subscription or bundle.

Here at Leaf, our collaboration with Black Lodge Brewery has brought Exotic Garden Pale Ale back to our store, with the option to buy single cans or packs of four.

Whether it’s a welcome addition or the main event, this refreshing pale ale, bursting with tropical flavours, is available now, so be sure to check it out.

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What’ll it be?

These Fathers Day Tea Gifts are just a taste of what’s on offer for this coming Father’s Day.

Whether you go for a bundle, subscription, or a few cans of ale, Dad’s sure to be happy if you choose something from Leaf this year.