What is Matcha and Why is it so Popular?

what is matcha? a complete guide

Matcha dates back to nearly a thousand years ago and only seemed to be a staple product in China and Japan…

And now it’s everywhere! 

It began to grow in popularity back in 2015 due to influencers trying it out in coffee shops and posting it on their social media platforms. 

Below we will talk about a range of different benefits that matcha brings…and you never know, it could become your new favourite drink!

Why is Matcha so Popular?

matcha latte in white mug.

You may have noticed that matcha has become extremely popular over the past few years.

The health benefits such as high concentration of antioxidants have been attributed to the rise of matcha’s popularity. 

As well as social media of course!

You can find matcha ice cream, muffins, and even well-known brands like Kit Kat are using it as a flavour. 

An Instagram post by movie star and founder of the wellness company well known as Goop, Gweneth Paltrow, is frequently credited to have been the spark that began the intense spike in its popularity. 

Since this outbreak, matcha has made its presence well-known across all platforms!

With its characteristic bright green colour and trendy “it girl” association, matcha has contributed to aesthetic posts and the increasing demand for matcha across the globe. 

Where can you get Matcha Powder?

Supreme Matcha Green Loose Leaf Tea Small Two Taster Bag

The quest to find a matcha powder that suits you best can be quite a challenge.

Our Ceremonial Grade matcha is specially grown on the outskirts of the ancient city of Kyoto, so we can assure you that a lot of care and effort goes into making it. 

Our matcha has an impeccably intense umami flavour and a velvety soft finish!

Our Supreme Matcha that we produce is high-end quality and can be extremely versatile in its usage.

Teas, lattes, smoothies, juices or you could even add matcha to your flour to increase the flavour of your cakes or breads.

How Matcha is Grown and Harvested

HARVESTING matcha tea.

Producing matcha is a very delicate and time-consuming job.

Green tea leaves are shaded for three weeks, then only the finest buds are hand-plucked.

They are then laid to dry and then stems and veins are carefully removed. 

The dried leaves are ground extremely slowly, this prevents too much heat otherwise the leaves can burn and ruin the batch. 

It can take one hour to grind one ounce of matcha!

How to Prepare Matcha Tea at Home?

Once you have a high-quality powder and the correct tools to accompany it, you can begin crafting your ideal cup of matcha. 

  • Heat roughly ¼ cup of water per serving over a stovetop or in a kettle.
  • Sift your matcha into a bowl.
  • Pour in ¼ of water.
  • Whisk vigorously in a ‘W’ pattern for about 30 seconds.
  • Once the tea becomes frothy and there are no chunks of matcha powder in the water.
  • Then fill the mug all the way up with hot water and enjoy!

Frother Method

This method is for when you’re in a rush and need the steps to be slightly quicker than usual but does require an electric frother.

  • Put matcha powder straight into the cup.
  • Pour hot water in.
  • Use an electric frother. We don’t recommend using spoons or you will be guaranteed clumps! 

Tips and Tricks

matcha powder

Sweetening Matcha

Matcha’s taste is often described as “grassy” which is definitely an acquired taste.

Matcha is not for everyone and that is okay!

However, this does not mean that there aren’t ways to adjust the flavour to suit you best.

If you’re new to making it, do not hesitate to add a few drops of maple syrup or honey to tone down the umami flavour.

This tip also works if your matcha tastes bitter.

Achieving Maximum Health Benefits from Matcha

A well-known fact about matcha is that it does have quite a few health benefits.

But how do we maximize these benefits?

Brewing matcha in hot water will release the amino acids that contain (L-theanine) into the drink and influence the taste of the tea. 

Matcha Health Benefits

As previously mentioned, it is true that matcha contains quite a few health benefits.

By shading the leaves, growers can make the most of the amount of chlorophyll (which is what gives matcha its unique colour).

Matcha has been used since ancient times to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, detoxify, counteract free radicals, and possibly support weight loss, and has been known as a powerful anti-ageing skincare ritual for generations of Japanese women. 

How to Store Your Matcha

The quality of your matcha can be massively affected based on how you store it. 

We have ensured that our containers will keep your matcha as fresh as possible with our airtight metal containers and resealable bags.

If matcha is stored incorrectly, it can lose its flavour and become stale.

Meaning it will be very unappetising to drink.

So make sure you take care of your matcha!

Other ways of Using Matcha

matcha ice cream

A little further up we briefly mentioned that matcha can be used in various ways.

But you may not know just how unique you can make it.

Some people even mix it into sauces!

The most common and tasty way people use this uniquely is by putting it into baked goods.

Or if you’re looking to use it for something slightly more refreshing, put it in ice cream!

The combination of matcha, cream and vanilla is a guaranteed tasty treat. 

And if you’re a person who enjoys putting effort into the way your food looks.

Matcha can look amazing as a garnish because of its vibrant colour. 

One of the many wonderful things about matcha is that its health benefits are not dependent on being consumed in its raw state, which means it can be healthy but also delicious! 

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As you can see, we know our stuff when it comes to tea.

We understand that matcha is definitely an acquired taste but excels in health benefits.

So it could be useful to own some just to add a little sprinkle of health into your meals, drinks or baked goods.

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