Explore Tea Types At Leaf Tea Shop


There are several different main types of tea that we provide for our customers here at Leaf Tea Shop. These include Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea and Rooibos Tea. They are all extremely popular with customers, but they all have their own distinctive elements that allow them to stand out, ensuring that no two tea drinks are ever the same. We will now examine all six of these in more depth.


A guide to different tea varieties


Beginning with Black Tea, then, this is when the tea is served without any milk. It is considered to be a stronger flavour, adding a little more punch to the overall taste.

Our black tea options include:

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White Tea is more pure and processed at the lowest level possible, making it something of a raw material beverage amongst tea drinks.

The varieties for White Tea include:

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Moving onto Green Tea, this is considered to be more organic as it stems from un-fermented leaves; they have soothing health benefits, and this has proven particularly popular in the Asian continent.

Examples of our Green Tea drinks are:

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Meanwhile, Herbal Tea is a particularly hot beverage that is made and flavoured with herbs, hence the name.

Our selection of Herbal Tea drinks comprise of:

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As for Fruit Tea, again the clue is in the title, because at the heart of this is natural fruit ingredients, delivering a taste that is sweeter than the aforementioned tea beverages.

Some of the Fruit tea drinks that you can buy at leaf tea shop are:

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Finally, there is Rooibos Tea, which is a South African offering that comes from rooibos leaves and other localised plants.

Our various Rooibos Tea drinks include:

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You can find out more about our range of loose leaf tea products, and how you can treat yourself or friends with our quality range of teas here at Leaf Tea Shop.