Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags


In a world where few of us ever claim to have time for the finer things in life, the teabag might seem like the ultimate in convenience; should we ever find five minutes in our day for a well-deserved brew.

Sure, tea bags might make our lives a little easier in these complex times and, more often than not, provide us with a drink which is, well, drinkable.

But where’s the fun in that?

You wouldn’t choose a microwave meal over fine dining or plastic plates over bone China, so why compromise when it comes to a cuppa?

So here are just a few reasons why we feel that loose leaf teas have got it in the bag.


Goodness, gracious, tea!

Loose leaf tea, unlike the dust and fannings that are often found in tea bags, have a bigger surface area, and the larger the leaves the more natural and healthy oils you are going to get out of them.

And this means it keeps more of its powerful catechin antioxidants and plentiful plant polyphenols – along with all the health benefits loose leaf tea provides.

As a result, loose leaf teas have been credited with helping to prevent certain cancers, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, aiding in weight loss, and boosting the immune system.


Savour the flavour

Teabags might well be convenient, but there’s very little to get excited about when it comes to drinking a brew from a bag.

That’s because the leaves used in most tea bags are actually no more than just the dust from broken tea leaves, often compromising its quality and taste.

Yes, a tea bag provides ease and consistency, but being a true tea lover means enjoying the subtle differences from cup-to-cup that loose leaf teas can provide.


Keep Calm and make a brew

The act of making a pot of loose leaf tea, watching it brew, sometimes even seeing the leaves open in front of your eyes, should never be underestimated.

Let’s face it, it’s far more therapeutic than just putting a teabag in a cup, adding boiling water and then waiting for a few minutes.

It can be a wholesome and relaxing experience that makes the entire process of sitting down to drink a nice cup of tea one that should be looked forward to, savoured and enjoyed.

A glass tea pot pouring tea into a cup


More tea anyone?

Although tea bags brew quicker, usually due to the fact they’re made of lesser quality leaves, it is actually possible to re-brew a pot of loose leaf tea, meaning one pot can be enjoyed more than just once.

So when you’ve poured your tea, make sure you empty all the water out of your teapot, ensuring that just the leaves remain.

This way they don’t continue to brew, making your next pot bitter and over steeped, then, when you’re ready for round two, simply add more hot water and you’re ready to enjoy it all over again.


Think of the Environment

You might think tea bags are just simply paper and tea and that they decompose over time, but that is not always the case.

In actual fact, many of the teabags we buy contain polypropylene, so when you put the used bags in your food waste, you’re actually disposing of toxic chemicals that will eventually seep into the ground.

There’s no such problem with loose leaf teas, however, as you know that once you have enjoyed a soothing cuppa or two, you can get rid of them safe in the knowledge that, over time, they will decompose leaving no unwanted chemicals or plastics in the ecosystem.

Or, even better, why not reuse your loose leaf tea? There are many things that you can use tea leaves for besides a brew, so look into what ones suit you best and give them a try!


Still not Convinced?

If you’re looking to make the switch to loose leaf teas, we have a fantastic range for you to discover.

Whether it’s our Darjeeling, Pu’erh, Black or Green Teas, we believe that you’ll quickly come to realise that, when it comes to the best brews, quality beats convenience every time.

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