Best Teas To Drink In The Summer

Tea in a glass with a leaf placemat and leaves on top of the glass


After a somewhat longer winter than we perhaps expected, the temperatures are finally increasing and we are about to experience the benefits of another warm summer in Liverpool.
As such, you will be looking to enjoy a beverage that is suitable for the sunnier climate, and here at Leaf Tea Shop, we can provide a whole host of superb teas, depending whether you are looking for a hot beverage or a cold drink.

Lemon Iced Tea in a glass container and green cake in the background

We will begin with a chilled drink to cool down your taste buds as the scorching-hot weather takes fold. Lemon iced tea is a favourite across the globe, and it’s no different here at Leaf. It will soothe your throat while delivering an exquisite and unique fruity experience.

It is also easily available wherever you plan to go on your holidays, so by having it at Leaf, you will either have a sample of what is to come on your vacation, or you can simply relax while reminiscing about your time away.

Either way, it’s a win-win as a summer tea!

Orange Fruit based beverage


If you are looking for a colder, fruit-based beverage that is a little more exotic, though, then we have to recommend mango iced tea. As you might imagine, the mango will leave even more of a lasting impression, and it’s one that will have you coming back for more. It evokes thoughts of lying on the beach or on a sun-lounger by the pool, sunglasses on, and sipping away at this beautiful tea drink.

Get a feel for how it will taste while enjoying the summer warmth by taking a sample right here at Leaf!

A woman drinking a cup of tea


Not everybody will want to have a colder tea, though. In fact, some want their tea to be on-line with the temperatures, and so they would prefer to opt for a warm tea drink.

The best example of this is the traditional black tea, which does what it says on the tin so to speak. It is basic, it is easy and quick to make, and it will leave your heart feeling as hot as the sunrays shining on your garden outside.

Sometimes the simplest beverage is the best one, and for the most traditional tea-drinkers, this may just be the way to go if you want a top-notch tea this summer.


Of course, these tea drinks only represent a small percentage of the superb summer tea beverages available at Leaf Tea Shop. Want to know more? call us on 0151 707 7747 or visit this page to check out our full range.