10 of the Best Teas to Try this Autumn

lady drinking autumnal tea


Tea is a beverage that can be enjoyed all year round.

And thanks to the variety of loose leaf tea available, there are teas that are best for each season

Of course you can enjoy these teas anytime of year but there’s always something special about sitting down with a tea that complements the weather outside.

Autumn time is a great time to enjoy a warm cup of tea. 

Afterall, it’s when the dark nights and cooler weather comes in, perfect for autumnal loose leaf teas by the fire.

In this post we will specifically look at what teas are best enjoyed around autumn time. 


Why Autumn and Tea Go Well Together

Tea and autumn form a perfect partnership as they both evoke feelings of comfort and warmth during this season of change. 

There’s no better feeling than wrapping up warm and popping the kettle on to enjoy a steamy hot brew.

Similar to winter, warm tea is best enjoyed when the weather outside is on the cooler side. You may enjoy loose leaf iced tea better when the weather is a bit warmer.


warming tea with biscuits on the side


The Best Tea for Autumn Time

Autumn is a beautiful time to enjoy various teas that complement the season’s flavours and provide comfort as the weather cools. 

Here are some of the best teas for autumn:


tea with slice of orange inside


Masala Chai Tea

Chai is a spiced black tea traditionally made with a blend of warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. It’s perfect for autumn with its rich and aromatic flavours.

Masala Chai Loose Leaf Black Tea Leaves

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Black Tea

Classic black teas, such as autumnal Darjeeling tea, or Earl Grey, are great options for autumn. They have a robust taste that pairs well with hearty autumn meals.

Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Black Tea Leaves

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Oolong Tea

Oolong tea strikes a balance between black and green teas, offering complex and nuanced flavours that are well-suited for the transitional season of autumn.

Oolong Loose Leaf Green Tea Leaves

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Green Tea

Some green teas have a toasty and nutty flavour that complements the autumn weather. It’s a comforting choice for a milder tea experience.

Iron Buddah Loose Leaf Green Tea Leaves

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Rooibos Tea 

This caffeine-free herbal tea from South Africa has a natural sweetness and earthy taste, making it a great choice for cosy autumn evenings.

Pure Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea Leaves

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Butter Truffle Tea

This is a black tea with ingredients such as cardamom, almonds and amarettini cookies that are perfect for warming up on chilly days.

Butter Truffle Loose Leaf Black Tea with amarettini biscuits and almonds

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Autumn Fire Tea

This special blend is often a seasonal favourite, combining black tea with cinnamon flavours and traditional autumn spices.

Autumn Fire Black Loose Leaf Tea with cinnamon, rose petals and orange peel

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Apple Tea

An apple-infused tea captures the essence of the season and provides a delightful alternative to the traditional teas.

Baked Apple Loose Leaf Green Tea Leaves

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White Tea

Delicate and mildly sweet, white teas are light and refreshing options that pair well with the changing weather of autumn.
Silver Needle Loose Leaf White Tea Leaves
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Herbal Tea 

Autumn herbal tea is believed to have various health benefits and is also enjoyed for its floral taste and aroma, making it a lovely choice for autumn sipping.

Ginger Root Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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Autumn Flavours at Leaf Tea

There you have it, 10 autumn tea flavours for you to enjoy.

Tea flavour is subjective, so feel free to explore our wide selection of loose leaf teas and find the ones that suit your taste and preferences the best. 

It’s also worth experimenting with adding a dash of milk, honey, or other natural sweeteners to enhance the flavours of your autumn teas. 

Contact us for more information on our loose leaf tea ranges.