What Teaware do you need for Loose Leaf Tea?


You’ve made the right choice and decided to start drinking loose leaf tea, but what do you need to make it?

Whether you choose a Loose Leaf Teapot or another type of Loose Leaf Teaware, making it yourself is simple, and always tastes great.

There are several options to choose from.

Here’s a guide to what you need, and how to use it.


Loose Leaf Tea Pot

There’s something really satisfying about watching water being infused with vitalising vitamins and minerals in a clear Loose Leaf Tea Pot.

Simply add a spoon or two of loose leaf tea, pour on boiling water, and watch as the tea leaves expand and the colour of the water deepens.

Once the colour of the water has intensified, matching the strength that suits your taste, simply pour your tea out, letting the mesh filter catch any stray leaves.

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teaware teapot pouring a cup of tea


Tea Ball Infuser

If you are interested in other options when it comes to Loose Leaf Teaware, then the Tea Ball Infuser could be for you.

Not only are they a great way to get started, they are also great to use when you’re on the go.

Add a teaspoon of loose leaf tea to the mesh basket of your infuser and clip it tightly to the opposing side, using the hook at the end of the chain to hang it from the rim of your mug.

Once this is done, pour in hot water and allow your tea to infuse. Then, simply pull your infuser out, open it up and remove the used leaves so it’s ready to go again.

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Spring Loaded Tea Infuser

Another item of Loose Leaf Teaware is the Spring Loaded Tea Infuser.

Whilst also making use of a spherical mesh container, the Spring Loaded Tea Infuser differs to the Tea Ball Infuser through its use of a spring loaded handle.

Applying gentle pressure to the handle opens the mesh basket, allowing you to collect the perfect amount of loose leaf tea to make your drink as strong as you like it.

Place this in your mug with the handle protruding from the top, add boiling water and allow it to infuse. Once it has brewed to your taste, simply use the handle to remove the basket.

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