LEAF Tea Shop Valentine’s Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day. A day for love, romance, and the appreciation of your loved ones – or yourself!

While the way we celebrate the day may have changed over the years, its presence in the calendar has two marketable benefits:

  • The opportunity to splash out on reciprocal gifts for your partner
  • A major commercial boon to businesses across all industries (for example, 18 million Valentine’s Day cards are bought in the UK alone!)

You know your partner best, and so you should have some idea of what they would like for Valentine’s. Are they a classic flowers and chocolates kind of person? Or, would they prefer something else – such as their favourite loose leaf tea!

Here is a little more on why we buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, and what gifts from LEAF can help you get in your partner’s good books!


History of Valentine’s Day

Like most of our Christian holidays, Valentine’s Day comes from another religious holiday that has been adopted to match Christian values.

The Romans celebrated a holiday called Lupercalia over February 13th to 15th which involved plenty of antics that would be unacceptable today such as sacrificing animals while naked and drunk, whipping women with their hides, and coupling up members of the village using a raffle.

The name ‘Valentine’s Day’ comes from the execution of two men named Valentine on February 14th on different years during Emperor Claudius II’s reign. Later, Catholics turned these men into martyrs and named their holiday ‘Valentine’s Day’ as a result.

Similar themes of coupling up remain to this day but over time the holiday became more about romance and expressing one’s love for another using gifts and cards – less about sacrificing animals!

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the history of Valentine’s Day and why we buy gifts here!


Valentine’s gift sets

At LEAF Tea Shop, we stock a wide variety of gifts that would be suitable for Valentine’s Day!

From our Valentine’s themed tea, to a romantic Valentine’s candle, and much more, here are some of our suggestions for anyone looking to purchase a gift for the tea lover in their life!


Love Tea

What do you think of when you think of a Valentine’s gift? Chocolate and roses!

Our Love Tea black tea combines both of these ingredients into one luxurious tea tin-shaped package!

This black tea has a chocolatey base from the presence of cacao, and is finished off with gentle floral notes that come from the presence of whole rose buds. Not as rich as hot chocolate, but not as botanical as herbal tea.

A tin of Love Tea would be perfect as a gift to anyone who loves tea, but why not pick up some scones, cream, and fruit and go the extra mile by hosting your own Valentine’s Day afternoon tea session?

For some people, especially those with families, it can be hard to find the time to fit in dates, so a little at-home date can be perfect for those situations.


Love Candle

Buying gifts for someone who loves tea can get a little predictable. Tea for birthdays, tea for Christmas, tea for anniversaries…

If this sounds like you then look no further than our Love Soy Candle. And no, this isn’t a candle just for those who love soy!

This candle is infused with the same ingredient profile as our Love Tea and smells absolutely divine. When burning, essential oils mix with black tea and rose petals to release a captivating aura around your home.

What’s more, our soy candles are vegan and come in a lovely white holder complete with Valentine’s Day Leaf branding.

What’s not to love?


Love Bundle

Can’t decide between our Valentine’s tea or candle? Don’t worry, you can choose both!

In our Love Bundle, you get both a tin of Love Tea and a Love Candle for a discounted price – and we’ll even throw in a sample of LEAF hot chocolate of your choice: milk, dark, or white.

Our hot chocolate is not like other hot chocolates that you can pick up off the shelf. Ours is high-quality, solid chocolate that comes with unique instructions on how to serve it.

Trust us, you won’t have had a hot chocolate like it before!


Valentine’s Day alternatives

If you are not in a relationship this Valentine’s Day then don’t worry, we’re not missing you out! We’re right behind Singles Awareness Day, as well as Galentine’s and Palentine’s!

Singles Awareness Day is celebrated on February 14th, too, and is a fantastic opportunity to treat yourself. Maybe pick up a new tea bundle to try by yourself or with friends?

Galentine’s and Palentine’s are celebrated on February 13th. Buying a gift for a special friend in your life can be a really thoughtful way to show your friends how much they mean to you.


Valentine’s gifts at LEAF Tea Shop

We hope that you have a lovely Valentine’s Day this year!

Remember to treasure your loved ones, whether they are a partner, a family member, or a friend. Even a little message or a catch-up can work wonders for people’s mood at this time of year.

If you are looking for a venue to host your catch-up, then LEAF have a number of locations across Liverpool that would love to have you!