Tea Pairing Trends For 2019

Lemon Iced Tea in a glass container and green cake in the background


It is one thing to enjoy an exquisite cup of tea, but the feeling is enhanced when the beverage is paired with a perfect food accompaniment which ensures that the sum of the parts is greater than the individual elements. In this article, we will be detailing some of the most popular tea pairing trends right now as of summer 2019.


1. Green Tea

Dragon Well Green Loose Leaf Tea Tin

This is popular enough on its own due to its health benefits and soft taste, but it is even more enjoyable when paired alongside foods that also bring about similar boosts based on vegetative ingredients.

Some of the options include the Dragonwell variation of Green Tea to be served with seafood or chicken, the Gunpowder alternative of Green Tea that sits alongside Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, and Hojicha, a version of Green Tea which is best served with turkey or potatoes.

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2. Oolong Tea

Oolong Loose Leaf Tea Tin

More than any other tea beverage, this is considered a drink that is perhaps effective enough when served on its own, but as part of a meal when dining out, it still receives an elevation when presented alongside compatible foods.

A few of the most suitable to pair up with Oolong Tea are Bao Zhong with fruits or light bread, Ti Kuan Yin again with fruits or a regular dessert option, and Plum Oolong which is best matched with wheat bread. Because this has more international alternatives, the pairing potential is greater.

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3. Black Tea

Darjeeling Second Flush Loose Leaf Tea Tin

This is amongst the most popular tea drinks as a standalone brew, but it also seems to have the largest number of highly-efficient pairing servings when it comes to mixing and matching beverages with appropriate food options.

Just some of the most recommended pairings for Black Tea are the Darjeeling version alongside egg dishes or cream, Yunnan which can sit alongside foods containing strong organic ingredients, and the Assam alternative, which works with anything from breakfast dishes, fruity desserts and even chocolate-based foods.

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These are a mere snapshot of the most popular tea pairings in the current market, but you can find out more about our tea products, and how you can treat yourself or friends with our quality tea here https://leafteashop.co.uk/.