Tea Gift Sets To Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

A flower pot with tea mug and lemon and limes on a table cloth in a green space outdoors


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and no doubt you will currently be searching for the perfect present to buy for your mum as a treat. One of the options which you may not have considered is a tea gift set, and here at Leaf Tea Shop, we have certainly got plenty of options, as we will now explain in further detail.


1. Tea Tins

To start off, you could purchase any one of your range of tea tins. The tins allow you to bring home a particular tea product in a larger container, so that you can treat your mum to many enjoyable cups of tea for her specific favourite tea beverage. When you factor in that our recipes are quite unique and built up on international ingredients, you will have the added bonus of offering a tea drink that cannot be found anywhere else. Of course, we also have the basic, more traditional tea drinks if you prefer.


2. Teawares

Next up, consider teawares. It is one thing to purchase the tea beverages themselves, but how about providing the tea sets themselves? Mugs, saucers, kettles and more are available, along with the likes of infusers and specially-designed teapots aimed at saving energy and conserving heat usage. They can be bought separately or as a package all sharing the same design, and they could be a fine way to update the tea-based crockery at home for your mum. It also represents a chance for her to save having to replace any cups that are broken or need to be updated as you will have done it for her.


3. Tea Club Subscription

Finally, we also have our exclusive Tea Club.

This is essentially a membership of sorts, as those who join are able to sample a whole host of tea products throughout the year, and there is no limit, as the overall price will have already been covered.

We have a three-month membership for £22.00, a six-month membership for £38.00, and our 12-month membership is £72.00, and the levels of benefits increase depending which option you go for.

Either way, it is a way to secure long-term enjoyment of our tea beverages for your mum, and it could prove to be the perfect present, all the way through to Mother’s Day next year!

3 Months Subscription 6 Months Subscription 12 Months Subscription


You can find out more about our products, and how you can treat your mum with gift vouchers here https://leafteashop.co.uk/gifts/ .