Your Guide to Enjoy Tea After Dinner

green tea and gin


Our busy lives commonly result in our breakfast being rushed or on the go.

So dinner is often the first opportunity of the day to slow down and enjoy a more substantial meal.

But this leaves us eating closer to bedtime, which isn’t the best move for our digestion.

In this article, we are going to talk you through topics all about teas to help with digestion and much more.


Teas to Help With Digestion

We have selected a variety of teas below. 

This will hopefully help you find a tea that could be to your specific taste, as well as accompany your dinner time meal.



Oolong Tea with Loose Leaf Tea Leaves

Oolong tea has been shown to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.

Making it extremely beneficial to anyone with acid reflux or ulcer issues.

Oolong tea has also been known to combat some of the bad bacteria in the stomach.



Peppermint Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Tin

It has been known for generations that peppermint tea is beneficial for your digestion.

The main ingredients in peppermint are menthol and methyl salicylate.

They have antispasmodic effects and have calming effects on the body.

Several studies support the use of peppermint for indigestion.



Chamomile Flowers Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Tin

Chamomile tea is known for its sedative and calming effects to improve sleep.

But this tea can also be used to soothe the digestive tract and relieve symptoms of pain.

It can also reduce inflammation and work directly on irritated muscles.


Black Tea

Earl Grey Black Loose Leaf Tea Tin

Tea contains polyphenols which help to boost populations of healthy gut bacteria. 

Drinking black tea can help avoid digestive upsets and streamline gut function.

Black tea is known to have a laxative effect, it speeds up intestinal transit. 


Is it Good to Drink Tea After Dinner?

teas to enjoy after dinner

Many people always believe that drinking tea after meals can be harmful to health.

However, studies have shown that drinking tea is very good for the digestive system and stomach. 

Drinking tea immediately after one meal will interfere with iron absorption by the body so we recommend avoiding tea at least half an hour before or after a meal.

Drinking tea after a meal is a common practice in China as it aids in digestion.

Tea contains certain compounds, including catechins and polyphenols, which are known to stimulate the digestive system, helping to break down food.

It also helps the digestive system do its job more efficiently by stimulating the production of saliva, bile and gastric juice for better digestion. 

Any teas containing caffeine you should avoid drinking straight after a meal.


What Teas Can Help With Digestion at Night?

It is important to avoid eating late at night.

A number of studies show that there is increased gastric acid secretion after you lie down in bed.

This causes more oesophagal irritation, heartburn, and discomfort.

And while some teas may be able to help you, completely avoiding late night eating is something that you should consider first. 

The most recommended tea to consume to help with digestion at night is chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea is commonly used to fight symptoms of acid reflux and GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). 

It can also help soothe your body.


What is The Best Time to Drink Tea Before and After Eating?

help digestion with tea

If you drink too much tea before consuming a meal, it will cause the food to seem tasteless. 

It will also hinder the absorption of protein in the body. 

This also applies to after a meal.

The tannic acid in the tea will bind with the protein and iron in the food, which will prevent absorption of these in the body if you drink tea straight after a meal.

Therefore, you should ensure you wait at least half an hour before consuming tea.


Teas to Pair With Alcohol

Tea is considered a very good addition to alcohol.

The subtle and soothing qualities of tea can complement the boldness of alcohol.

Which creates a more harmonious taste.

Below we have listed a few combinations for you to try out, you may even find your next favourite drink.


Black Tea & Dark Rum

black tea with rum

The natural sweetness of rum pairs perfectly with the earthy, bitter flavour of black tea.

This pairing is so well known that there are already a few established cocktails to try out.

One of the most famous cocktails containing this pair is a fish house punch, which consists of black tea, cognac, dark rum, and peach brandy. 


Chamomile Tea & Gin

Chamomile and many gins are known to be a perfect match.

The notes in the chamomile enhance the floral flavouring of whatever gin you would like to use.

A simple pitch style cocktail is made by using chamomile tea with gin.

Allow the chamomile to cool, then add it to your gin with lemon juice, honey, and ice.


Green Tea & Whiskey

green tea and gin

Japanese whiskey, Irish whiskey, and American whiskey are all commonly mixed with green tea. 

The end result is a refreshing drink with increased citrus notes.

A green tea highball is put together with Japanese whiskey, green tea and club soda.


White Tea & Vodka

White tea is known for its gentle honey notes and mellow flavours.

This can be paired with many things, like a subtle floral gin or even a white rum.

But the most common alcohol that is paired with white tea is vodka.

The neutrality and cleanliness of good vodka can be an interesting matcha to test out. 

You will taste the gentle refreshment of the tea, followed by a hearty punch from the vodka.


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