Our Commitment to Plastic Free Tea


At Leaf Tea Shop, we’ve set ourselves the challenge of removing as much plastic from our packaging as possible and have made some giant leaps in the right direction of late.

However, we are aware that we can always do more and there is a long way to go.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do and we’re fully committed to using as little plastic packaging as possible.

The wonders of tea are made possible by the natural world and we want to protect it, from the packaging we use, to the business practices we employ.


Our dedication to reducing waste

We know that moving over to plastic-free packaging is going to be a long journey as we look to find materials that provide the quality we want for our packaging, while also being environmentally friendly.

Right now we can’t claim to be entirely plastic free but we do offer a number of options which means that our plastic consumption can be reduced considerably.

In the meantime you can be sure that we’ll be keeping our eyes open and an ear to the ground when it comes to any new and more environmentally friendly materials that become available to us.


Loose leaf tea is plastic free

They may be considered compostable by many, but do you know that the majority of teabags actually contain plastic in the glue that they use to seal them?

Anyone who has composted tea bags in the past might well have seen the ‘tea bag ghosts’ they leave behind.

And though it might seem trivial, as a nation of tea-drinkers, here in the UK we brew up six billion cups of tea each year, which is actually quite a lot of plastic waste being put back into the ecosystem.

So by drinking loose leaf tea, not only will you be enjoying a better tasting brew but you will be doing your bit for the environment too, knowing that you’re not contributing to the estimated 150,000kg of polypropylene plastic ‘glue’ that is generated each year.



Zero waste tea tins

Not only do our tea tins keep your loose leaf tea fresh and tasty, they can also be used time-and-time-again.

Whether you are going for a traditional tea or something a little different our tea tins ensure that you can enjoy the absolute highest-quality drink possible by protecting the leaves from exposure to sunlight and moisture, as well as any unwanted odours.

The metallic exterior is not only sustainable and of a high quality, but it is made from non-contaminated items that make it an environmentally-friendly piece of kit.


What’s more, once you’ve finished your loose leaf tea of choice, you can use your tin many more times by using out environmentally friendly refill packs.

Our refill loose leaf tea packs are also 100% biodegradable, meaning you can substantially reduce the plastic waste generated throughout the year while still enjoying your favourite brew.


Want to know more about loose leaf tea?

Check out our loose leaf tea benefits page leafteashop.co.uk/benefits for more information.