Best Natural Hay Fever Remedies in the UK


Red eyes, itchy skin, runny nose…hay fever can make even the best of days a living hell. Fortunately, there are antihistamines that you can take to relieve the symptoms of hay fever. But what if you want a more natural cure for hay fever?

Here, we’re going to show you some popular hay fever home remedies, and explain how some of our amazing loose leaf tea can actually help keep hay fever at bay for some of you tea lovers out there!


What is hay fever anyway?

First off, it’s probably best that we explain what hay fever is, the science behind it, and why it affects some of us so badly.

Hay fever, formally known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction that your body can have when it comes into contact with pollen. Other substances can also produce hay fever-like symptoms when in contact with your body such as dust and animal dander.

During a bout of hay fever, your body is really just being quite dramatic. It thinks that you are under attack from the pollen in the air which causes your immune system to create chemicals called histamines and send them around your body to your eyes, nose, skin, etc. These histamines make your body work really hard to keep the allergens out of your body by creating mucus, making your eyes runny, and making your skin itchy.

That’s why the medical treatment for hay fever is antihistamines because they help block the signals being sent from your histamines.


How to relieve hay fever symptoms naturally

For some people, antihistamines can cause reactions themselves. Common side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, and headaches. And if you are on certain other medications then your doctor may actually advise that you avoid taking antihistamines.

But as luck would have it, antihistamines are not the only tool in your toolbox that you can use against hay fever. There are a number of natural remedies provided by mother earth herself that you can use to lower your histamine levels and provide natural hay fever relief.

Vitamin C is known to ease hay fever symptoms and boost our immune system, so many of your favourite fruits and vegetables will help you when the pollen counts rise in spring and summer.

Honey is another natural remedy for hay fever. Well, local honey is. By having a spoonful of locally produced honey, you are desensitising your immune system to the types of pollen found specifically in your area that will be floating through the air and causing you bother.

And finally, one more natural remedy is herbal tea for hay fever! Some of our favourite teas have ingredients that naturally contain antihistamines. You can have the benefits of taking antihistamine medication without any side effects, and with the bonus of being able to enjoy a lovely cup of tea!


What is the best natural remedy for hay fever?

When it comes to natural hay fever remedies, everyone is different. It can take a bit of personal testing to see which home remedy works best for you.

You could always add a spoon of local honey to your tea to give it a sweet flavour and get the benefits from both of these hay fever remedies. 

However you want to approach natural remedies for hay fever, you should always consult your doctor before you begin.


What tea is good for hay fever?

What makes a tea good for hay fever is the ingredients. You want to look for teas that contain ingredients that are natural antihistamines, ingredients that can lessen the symptoms of hay fever by boosting your immune system, or ingredients that combat a specific symptom of hay fever by, for example, easing mucus production.

Some of the best home remedies for hay fever are herbal teas. They can contain a combination of antioxidants, antihistamines and can be anti-inflammatory.


Hay Fever Home Remedies

Here at Leaf Tea Shop, we stock a wide variety of loose leaf teas and are proud to use a huge number of natural (and tasty!) ingredients. Here are some frequently asked questions about tea for hay fever and give examples of what teas we stock and which ones we recommend.


What herbal tea is good for hay fever?

Herbal teas can be good for hay fever, helping to relieve symptoms with a combination of hay fever fighting ingredients.

For example, one of our best herbal teas is our award-winning Pure Life Wellness tea. This tea is high in vitamin C and contains other immune system boosting ingredients such as moringa and ginkgo, helping you feel cleansed when you may be feeling the effects of hay fever.


Is chamomile tea good for hay fever?

Yes, chamomile tea is great for relieving hay fever and other symptoms of allergies. This is because chamomile is naturally high in antihistamines.

Our Chamomile Flowers herbal tea is a favourite among fans of chamomile tea, and can ease hay fever symptoms as well as help you feel calm and relaxed when pollen might be stressing you out.


Does peppermint tea help hay fever?

If you suffer from hay fever, you should try drinking peppermint tea. Peppermint naturally decongests you and can help you breathe easier when hay fever might be affecting you.

One of our best-reviewed teas is our Great Taste Award Winning Peppermint herbal tea. Having a cup after an afternoon lunch can aid digestion as well as give you that fresh, peppermint feeling in your sinuses.

Not only is this tea a great home remedy for hay fever, there are other benefits of peppermint tea. It can help with a blocked nose, and is a great choice before bed as it contains no caffeine.


Is green tea good for hay fever?

Like herbal teas, green teas are also good choices to combat hay fever symptoms. Green tea leaves naturally have antihistamine properties, and blends are often made with other ingredients that can boost your immune system too.

We stock plenty of green teas here at Leaf Tea Shop. For people who favour specific tastes, you can find all of the classics in our range. And for people who want to be adventurous and try something new, then our signature blends should be right up your street!

Take our Exotic Garden green tea, for example, with its unique blend of exotic and rustic ingredients like papaya, mango, and carrot, for an inimitable taste.


Leaf Tea Shop herbal remedies for hay fever

And there you have it, some of our best herbal and green teas that can help you in your fight against hay fever and why! Check out our loose tea collection and see if any of these natural hay fever remedies work for you.

Of course, if you are looking at using homoeopathic remedies rather than medicines, then you should speak to a doctor and have medical advice first.