Keep Your Tea Fresh With Leaf’s Tea Shop New Tea Caddy Tins

Leaf Tea Shop Loose Leaf Tea Tins on a wooden block with a plant in the background


Leaf Tea Shop provides plenty of unique products that perfectly accommodate the tea beverages that we sell here on our online store and at our Liverpool city centre location. One of our newest additions has already proven to be a hit with our customers, and so today we are going to talk about our brand new tea caddy tins in greater detail.

A tea caddy tin, by definition, is a moderately-sized metal container with an easily-accessible lid. The purpose of the tin is to protect the tea drink from such issues as exposure to sunlight and moisture, as well as any unwanted additional odours.

These can sometimes harm the taste and quality of the tea beverage when it is left out in the open, a common occurrence for those who wish to bask in the sunshine during the warmer months of the year.

But the short-term fun that drinking outdoors can provide is offset by the resultant drop in standards of the drink itself, which can be avoided with the use of a tea caddy tin.

Tea caddy tins can come in a variety of sizes, depending how much of the drink you wish to carry around with you at any given time, as well as being available singularly or as part of a multi-pack. What’s more, they can be bought in a multitude of eye-catching colours, accompanied by soothing patterned designs to add a feeling of glamour to your container.

The metallic exterior is not only sustainable and of a high quality, but it is made from non-contaminated items that make it an environmentally-friendly piece of kit. Oh, and it is available at a very affordable price which will ensure you make a great saving.

Masala Chai Black Loose Leaf Tea TinSecret Gardens Herbal Loose Leaf Tea TinMoroccan Mint Green Loose Leaf Tea TinPassionfruit and Orange Fruit Loose Leaf Tea Tin


This represents the very best way for you to keep your tea fresh this summer.

Whether you are going for a traditional flavour, a more tailor-made drink, or a beverage that has an international taste to it, the tea caddy tin will ensure that your tea of choice could not be any sweeter and any stronger, allowing you to enjoy the absolute highest-quality drink possible.

Indeed, our tea caddy tins make for an excellent addition to an already strong line-up of accompaniment products that Leaf Tea Shop stock, resulting in you having a new way to truly feel the benefits of every single tea drink that you sample.

You can check out our range of teas in caddy tins on our product pages. i.e. on our shop page, pick a tea, choose packaging (tin) and being reusable, on your next purchase just buy a refill.


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