Guide to Loose Leaf Iced Tea

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Summer’s here which means warmer weather!! While it may not get as hot as other countries, the thirst for a cold drink to cool down still remains the same.

Iced tea can be a great option for when you feel the urge to grab a refreshing drink to combat the warm weather. Iced tea is popular in the UK but not as much as it is in other countries such as the US.

Let’s dive into this guide on loose leaf iced tea which will include how it’s made and a few other juicy tips. 

How to Make Loose Leaf Iced Tea

Making a tasty loose leaf iced tea that will quench your thirst properly isn’t difficult. In fact just follow these simple steps and you’ll become a pro iced tea maker in no time:

Step 1 – Make some tea as you would normally if you were to drink it hot. Make sure you have all the proper utensils such as a tea ball strainer and tea pot. Ensure you have a big enough glass or mug. Add sugar now if you wish whilst the tea is hot.

Step 2 – Once you have poured the tea and left it for 5-10 minutes to properly brew it’s time to fill it up with some cold water and whisk it around. You want approx ⅓ hot tea and ⅔ cold water.

Step 3 – Now it’s time to stick it in the fridge for around an hour, or wait until it has chilled. Alternatively you can stick some ice into it immediately for quick loose leaf iced tea.

Step 4 – Once chilled and the ice is added it’s time to top it off with some lemon or other fruit for extra flavour.

How to Store Iced Tea

Ideally it’s best to store iced tea in a container made from glass as a plastic container can actually absorb and transfer flavour.

You also want to use an air tight cap of some sort so you can reduce the amount of oxygen the tea is exposed to. Oxidation can cause flavour to change meaning your iced tea quality will be compromised.

Tips to Remember When Brewing Iced Tea



Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your iced tea, following these can help make the best loose leaf iced tea possible:

Don’t Leave the Tea to Brew For Too Long

Leaving tea to brew for longer than 10 minutes can turn the tea bitter. Not what you want when making a thirst quenching batch of iced tea.

Use a Variety of Different Teas

The special thing about tea is that there are endless flavours to try. Experiment with different flavours and find out which one satisfies your taste buds.

Filtered Water is Better

For the smoothest tasting tea you want to use filtered water if possible.

Try Sweeteners

These days there is an extensive range of sweeteners on offer for drinks. These include the likes of honey, maple syrup, golden syrup and coconut sugar.

Is there Caffeine in Iced tea?

The caffeine content is usually very low in iced tea but this can vary depending on the tea products used.

Black tea has less caffeine in it than black coffee. Although white and green tea have even less amounts of caffeine when compared with black tea.

Loose Leaf Iced Tea vs Iced Tea Powder

You may be familiar with loose leaf iced tea, but what is iced tea powder?

Loose leaf tea involves filtering out the loose tea leaves from the water, whereas ice tea powder mixes directly with the water.

Powdered iced tea is an instant mix meaning it’s ready to consume in a matter of minutes.

Is Powdered Iced Tea Healthy?

Powdered tea is a less healthy option when you compare it with more natural options such as loose leaf iced tea.

Powdered iced tea is a processed product which means that it can contain additives and artificial sweeteners. Tea also loses 90% of its antioxidants when in its powder form.

Iced Tea at Leaf Tea

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