Celebrate with the LEAF Cocktail Party

With the help of LEAF, celebrating Christmas has never been easier, especially if you’re looking to add something different to your festive drinks’ cabinet.

As the Christmas period draws closer, your festive plans will soon be coming to fruition, with parties, gatherings, and other celebrations just around the corner.

Whether it’s for New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day (or any party at all!), our bottled tea cocktails are the perfect way to add a bit of variety to your evening.

If you’re looking for something special to add to your drinks’ menu this Christmas, read on, and find out how our tea cocktails can do this for you.


What are They?

Each cocktail has a different Leaf tea flavour paired with a spirit, meaning that you get the best of our teas with a cheeky boozy addition.

Our cocktail party cocktails are all based on classic cocktail recipes with a special Leaf twist, so there’s no need to worry about what to choose, as you know they’re going to taste great.

Whether you decide to buy single cocktails, the whole selection, or go for a combination of the two, our bottled tea cocktails can be tailored to the size of your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Read on to find out more about our flavours.


Cocktail Party Flavours

Consisting of six cocktails, the first you need to know about is the Elderflower MarTeaNi, a mixture of our Lemon Grass and Ginger Roobios teas with beefeater gin and Elderflower liqueur. This refreshing, slightly spicy concoction is a real festive treat.

Using our Cherry Blossom green tea with rye whiskey, Antica Formula Vermouth, and Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, our Cherry Manhattan is another favourite with a warming festive twist.

If something a little darker is more to your taste, then the fusion of bitter, complex flavours in our Bonfire Negroni could be for you.

Made from our Lapsang Souchong Tea with the addition of beefeater gin and Campari, this twist on a classic cocktail packs a punch.

These are just three out of six delicious mixes available in our cocktail party package, which comes with the addition of Blood Orange Martini, Rum Old Fashioned, and Lychee Rose.

Check out our bottled tea cocktails online today to find out more.

Mix it Up

The best thing about A LEAF Cocktail Party is that you don’t have to stop with those six: you can double up on your favourites and bring more to the party.

As well as buying the LEAF cocktail party, our cocktails are also available as standalone drinks, meaning you can bring more of your favourites along if you so desire.

Perfect for your New Year’s Eve celebrations, there’s no harm in adding an extra Rum Old Fashioned, or Lychee Rose, if it’ll keep the party going, right?