Anyone for G and Tea? OR Non-Alcoholic Tea Ice Lollies for Summer


Create some deliciously fruit-tea flavoured ice lollies for a refreshing snack this summer!

Ideal for those long, hot days, ice lollies are the ideal way to keep cool and remain refreshed while still getting a tantalisingly tasty tea twist.

Whereas the choice used to be limited to raspberry or orange, adventurous flavours such as Earl Grey and even Chai Gin are revolutionising the way we consume this summer staple.

The posh lolly is one of the fastest-growing products on the market – with much of the boost apparently down to the success of these ever-popular popsicles – for both young and old.

So here are a few ideas for a tea-based treat that will quite literally melt in your mouth.


Three Fruit Tea Flavours To Freeze

The best loose leaf teas to use for making ice lollies are those with a fruit base due to their naturally sweet flavours, though that said, you can pretty much try any tea that takes your fancy.

So here is a selection of fruity teas that taste just as good frosted.


Blood Orange

This fruit infusion has a wonderfully inviting aroma. Perfect for a summer day or as a refreshingly healthy alternative to the usual soft drink suspects, it’s also Caffeine free.

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Passionfruit & Orange

This wonderful combination of flavours, petals and peels provides a bright and naturally sweet drink, which is perfect for any popsicle, what’s more, it’s caffeine free too.


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Strawberry & Kiwi

This perfect blend of sweet strawberry and exotic kiwi creates a wonderfully refreshing, fruity taste that’s ideal when it comes to a tasty, caffeine free, treat this summer.


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How to make the perfect Ice Lolly

The popsicles are ridiculously easy to make – simply make your cup of loose leaf tea as normal, let it brew for a few minutes before pouring it into moulds and letting it freeze.

First, brew the infusion in the freshly boiled water for 15 minutes and strain.

You will probably want to add a little sweetness here, try honey or sugar syrup, allow the tea to cool and then pour over the fruit slices into the ice lolly moulds.

Add wooden ice lolly sticks as liquid starts to become hard, then return to the freezer.

Remove when completely frozen and enjoy.


strawberry ice lollies


Anyone for G & Tea?

For a unique twist on a gin and tonic, try these alcoholic ice lollies as a boozy grown-up treat for hot summer days, what’s more, they’ll keep in the freezer for up to two months.

Simply make your tea lolly in the same way as before, but add a dash of gin to really get the summer party started.

And wouldn’t you just know it, we offer a couple of cracking gin options for you to choose from.


Bold Street Chai Gin

Developed with our friends Turncoat of Liverpool, this spicy gin is flavoured with LEAF’s Masala Chai tea.

With more than a hint of this spiced black tea, which imparts flavours of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, our Chai gin offers a kick all of its own.

Usually served simply with tonic water and at a slice of orange to get the full LEAF tea gin experience, it can also liven-up any lolly.


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Leaf Dry Gin

A London Dry, made using our Champagne Cassis tea, LEAF dry gin offers a blend of white tea, blackcurrants and lemongrass.

Made in a copper pot still and distilled by hand, only 430 bottles of this premium gin have been made to date, making this one of the more unique tea based tipples on the market.

With its delicious cassis flavours this really is the perfect gin with which to make any Popsicle.


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You can find out more about our range of loose leaf tea products as well as our range of gins here