Keeping Up The Tradition Of Afternoon Tea

A traditional chine tea set with tea and cupcakes


Afternoon tea has always been considered a wonderful staple of life here in the United Kingdom, evoking thoughts of a pleasant occasion along with some nostalgia of light-hearted fun from days gone by. And we are always aiming to keep up the tradition of afternoon tea here at Leaf Tea Shop, as we will now explain by detailing our variety of afternoon tea options that we provide for our visitors.

In terms of the beverages themselves, we offer unlimited tea to our customers who pop in to enjoy an afternoon refreshment during their time in the shop.

This is something that you would not find anywhere else, and it allows you to enjoy as much tea as you want, for as long as you want, and for any variety of tea that happens to be your preference. It could be Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea or Rooibos Tea; whatever the variety is that you deem to be your favourite, you will be able to enjoy unlimited cuppas while you’re at our location and sampling a truly stupendous afternoon tea meal.

As for what you can enjoy alongside your drink, we have got multiple options on offer.

We have a selection of finger sandwiches for those who want a light snack and may be stopping by for a short period of time. We also provide succulent homemade scones that boast real clotted cream alongside homemade jam, making for quite the tasty treat. And if you want to spice (or should that be ice?) things up a bit more, then we suggest that you enjoy one of our range of Parisian-style mini cakes and fancies, adding that extra international flair and elegance to your afternoon tea.


Our variety of edible goodies will always put a smile on the faces of our customers, and the wide range of tea options for the unlimited beverage ensures that no two occasions of this nature at Leaf will be the same.

Alternatively, perhaps you have a particular favourite that you will want to enjoy over and over again. In any event, the choice is yours, and we will deliver every selection imaginable to make sure that the long-standing British tradition of afternoon tea will continue on for generations to come.

Want to try our truly stupendous afternoon tea? Visit one of our tea venues in Merseyside – Bold St.Smithdown Rd.West Kirby