A Guide to Calming Teas with LEAF

calming teas.


Tea can be a great way to introduce a little moment of relaxation into your daily routine.

Taking the time to prepare your favourite blend is a calming ritual.

Depending on the type of tea you choose, it can help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and help balance your mood.

Different types of teas and herbal blends are known for their ability to soothe anxiety and for their calming properties.

In this article, we will explore why certain teas are more calming than others, and why they could be such a great addition to your lifestyle.


Benefits of Tea and Why it is Associated with De-stressing

benefits of tea for stress


Not only is tea delicious, it offers a large variety of health benefits that not many other drinks have to offer.

Depression and anxiety are common forms of mental illness. 18% of mental illness disorders that are diagnosed each year are anxiety-related.

Research shows that antioxidants from tea fight off inflammation, which is linked to decreased anxiety. 

A chemical within tea is called EGCC (Epigallocatechin Gallate), known to improve our attention and focus.

We’re not saying that tea will cure these illnesses, it could still be something to consider trying out.

Tea can also make a great choice if you’re on the lookout for a flavourful, low-calorie hot drink with less caffeine than coffee.


What Tea Is Good for Stress Relief?

what tea is good for stress.


Although you may know there are teas that can be beneficial for your health, it can be difficult to find a tea that suits you.

Below we have listed a selection of teas that all feature a handful of benefits.



Chamomile Flowers Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

Chamomile has a sweet, mild taste. It is described to be silky but also fresh and floral. 

There is a large variety of health perks associated with this floral infusion, from ultimate relaxation to wellness properties. 

Drinking chamomile tea regularly may help maintain healthy blood pressure levels more indirectly as it helps reduce stress, promote sleep, and ensure you are relaxed.


Spiced Green Tea

Spiced Green Loose Leaf Tea

Our green tea blends mellow green Sencha leaves with cinnamon sticks, almond flakes and star anise, these flavours combine together perfectly to create a delicious end result.

Green tea is known to be high in caffeine, but why does it still have a calming effect?

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves.

Theanine has a variety of effects on the brain, including, relieving stress disorders, improving mood, and maintaining normal sleep patterns.


Lemongrass & Ginger

Lemongrass and Ginger Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

This tea will leave you feeling refreshed and alert, due to its vibrant lemon and slight spice of the ginger root.

Not only does lemon ginger tea taste amazing, but it can help the body reduce its stress levels too.

There are 14 bioactive components in ginger that have been linked to reducing the body’s oxidative stress, which is caused by anxiety.


Lavender Grey

Lavender Grey Black Loose Leaf Tea
Lavender tea boasts a distinctive flavour and aromatic fragrance.

Drinking this type of tea can calm your nerves and encourage your body to sleep better, it is often combined with other teas like chamomile to intensify the relaxing effect.

Lavender tea can be an easily accessible complementary treatment for anxiety and depression. 



Peppermint Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

The taste of peppermint is described as invigorating, cooling, and fresh.

As well as being great for your digestive system, it is also known as one of the best teas for potentially helping with anxiety.

Peppermint tea is commonly served after eating.


The History of Using Teas for Stress

history of tea for stress


Originating in China, where it was thought to have medicinal properties, tea’s history is closely intertwined with the history of botany.

Legend states that the very first cup of tea was consumed in 2737 B by the Chinese emperor Shennong.

Although there are thousands of different teas, the most known tea to help ease stress and anxiety is chamomile.

Chamomile has a rich history that dates back thousands of years.

Throughout history, it has been utilised by various cultures, such as the Romans, Greeks, and Anglo-Saxons, for its calming and healing properties.

Over time chamomile’s popularity spread worldwide, becoming known as a cherished herb in traditional medicine and culinary practices.


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