5 Loose Leaf Teas to Combat those New Year Headaches


Think of January as nature’s way of telling us all to take it easy for a few weeks.

Just like the Christmas tree which has recently been dispatched to the loft, or the nearest recycling centre if you’re a traditionalist, the festive season parties now seem a distant memory.

But the hangover can last longer than the mountain of turkey and sprouts which pollute the air like, well, a pretty bad smell.

So if you’re looking to shake off a headache after a couple of months’ of excess, read on, as here are just a handful of loose leaf herbal teas that can put a spring in your step as we enter 2022.



Ginger tea has a long history dating back to China some 5,000 years ago, where it was traditionally used as a health tonic.

Ginger root is believed to have healing properties and is used to relieve the symptoms of many things from the common cold to travel sickness.

The unique warmth and slight bite, which comes from drinking the root steeped in hot water, is not only delicious but leaves you feeling energised as well as being Caffeine free.

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Teas that are made using the Chamomile Flower are almost synonymous with relaxing and winding down.

That’s because it contains an active component called apigenin which can behave as an active tranquilizer, reducing anxiety and helping to calm the nerves.

In sufficient doses, apigenin’s ability to reduce anxiety and aid sleep means that it carries one of the most significant loose leaf tea benefits due to functioning in a neuroprotective manner.

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Whilst peppermint shares some of the mental health tea benefits that chamomile flowers possess, it also has some other physical benefits that are related to mental wellbeing.

The menthol component of peppermint loose-leaf tea is a muscle relaxant that is anti-spasmodic in nature, relieving muscles during periods of high mental stress.

What’s more, peppermint tea can also relieve tension headaches, fight bacterial infections, and alleviate menstrual cramps.

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This take on a traditional Earl Grey is a French favourite, with delicate lavender blossom added to the blend of black tea and bergamot oil.

Lavender has also been used in herbal medicine for centuries thanks to its therapeutic relaxing properties.

That’s down to its ability to treat stress, anxiety and a whole host of other ailments – that’s why it is such a popular component in loose leaf teas.

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Blow away the cobwebs this New Year with the fiery rooibos, ginger root and chilli infusion which not only tastes great but also comes with a range of health benefits.

The unique warmth which comes from drinking the root steeped in hot water, is not only delicious but leaves you feeling energised too.

What’s more, it’s also caffeine free, not that you will miss it with this flavoursome and energising blend.

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If you’re looking to make the switch to loose leaf teas in the coming year, we have a fantastic range for you to discover.

We’re confident that you’ll find something to your taste as well as a product which can aid body, minds and soul.

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